Chinwe Ugele, Umuahia.
A child born and raised in Nigeria in the last ten years would surely understand lots of security and criminal lexicon easily and have them at his or her disposal due the level of insecurity in the country within the period.
Yet, the quantum of killings and abductions that happen across the country is grossly under reported in the media partly due to the deceit and lies that the security operatives peddle whilst exposing their men to untold danger.
What began like a joke in the name of “Boko Haram” years ago has matured into a monster that is threatening the existence of the citizens.
On a daily basis, citizens are slaughtered in the most bizarre manner that might have constantly dazed our security apparatus and made them less serious in the war against terrorism.
While government in the present day Nigeria lays a huge claim on the “successes” it has recorded in the anti terrorism fight, the Boko Haram sect continues to unleash mayhem on the masses, killing thousands of not only civilians but soldiers.
The military had informed Nigerians that those people perpetrating evil against citizens are quartered in Sambisa forest (forest with very low trees and shrubs not as bushy as those found in the south), yet they are unable to locate their hideouts.
Not even the kidnap of the Chibok girls could make our security operatives launch a hunt like never before to secure the release of the remaining girls and one Dapchi girl.
Is it docility or cowardice that will make a nation’s security architecture fail in this manner?
What about their weapons, are they sufficient? What sort of welfare packages do these men enjoy from the federal government?
Is there any insurance policy that takes care of their families when they fall in the battle field?
Even the Chief of Army Staff, Lt. Gen. Turkur Buratai confirmed that the soldiers were not fighting with zeal, which indicates that there is no motivation for them.
As if the menace of Boko Haram sect is not enough, Nigeria is once again thrown into the bitter taste of another form of criminality by a group originally believed to be harmless.
Whoever thought that a day would come when people known to be  Fulani herdsmen will become so sophisticated, wielding arms and taking lives at will?
The reaction of government on this cankerworm in 2018 was that those involved in such act  had been identified as foreigners from some other African countries, yet the Federal government chose to protect such persons and pacify them over the protection of its citizens they swore to protect.
At any time a “herdsman” is alleged to have clashed with a community or group, the security agencies do everything they can to calm them, ignoring totally those they have offended.
Any serious government would have rounded up all those agents masquerading as “Fulani herdsmen”, profiled them properly to ascertain the foreigners among them laying claim to every land in Nigeria and duly deported those without travel documents.
Recently, the issue of RUGA settlement (FG proposal) almost tore the nation apart because it was perceived that there were plans to forcefully take people’s lands in states to build abodes for these category of persons identified as strangers.
What is President Buhari afraid of in sending these people away because it is obvious they do not have any valid travel documents? Why is this administration handling such level of insecurity with kid’s glove?
Just recently too, the vice president of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo told the world in one of his trips the US that the insecurity in the country was exaggerated. Few weeks later, a prominent son of Yoruba land lost his daughter to insecurity and today, five pastors of Osinbajo’s denomination were kidnapped, not to mention the killing of a Catholic priest in Enugu by the same persons.
Kidnapping is not new in the Nigerian context, but for the government to seem to be on the side of the criminals is most unfortunate and disgraceful.
Today, Nigeria even though not at war, has lost its citizens to senseless killings by either Boko Haram or ” Fulani herdsmen”.
These deaths are no longer news in Nigeria, the masses are hopeless, they are suspicious of government at every point. Ordinary citizens of all categories with the exception of the powerful politicians are at risk of kidnap.
Fear has become the watchword of Nigerians who genuinely deserve better as even ordained men of God are no longer spared. To whom do we cry?
Protection of lives and property is the primary function of any government, but this seems to have eluded the people who watch helplessly as their kinsmen, colleagues, relatives get slaughtered like chickens meant for feast.
Why does the government act like it is overwhelmed by the situation? Why does it prefer to pay condolences on families of victims to nipping in the bud this ugly mess or even going after the culprits.
It has never been this bad and sometimes one pauses to ask whether there is anything else left to be seen that has not been seen in this country.
If President Buhari cannot handle the security situation in the land, he might as well throw in the towel as the most honourable thing for anyone to do at this time to at least save the little that this nation still holds.
Who will be next to fall into the hands of the terror that has enveloped the country?

Chinwe Ugele

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