It is an act of desperation.…..

I am a full fledged Aba man…..

Chinwe Ugele, Umuahia.

The presidential candidate of the Young People’s Party (YPP), Prof. Kingsley Moghalu was on Monday denied access into the Ariaria International Market in Aba, Abia state.

He had gone to Aba in furtherance of his campaigns for his presidential ambition but was refused entry into the popular and populous market.

The leadership of the market did not give any reasons for its undemocratic action, even as candidates of lower offices are given access to talk to traders on the elections.

Instead of going away with his team and supporters, Moghalu stood outside the market to address the people who had gathered to listen to him.

According to Prof. Moghalu, “I am a full-fledged Aba man, having lived and schooled in Aba in the 70s.”

He said it is worrisome that he was restricted from gaining entrance into the market to speak to the traders,. Describing the act as a desperate action.
“We are in a democracy, and we are not living in bondage,” Moghalu decried.

He beckoned on the Igbo people to take their rightful place in the nation’s polity by liberating themselves from playing the vice presidential role all the time.

In his words. “We should not be relegated to the Vice President position only, we should not be made to believe that it is not our turn to lead this country, Igbos are better equipped to lead Nigeria and election is a contest, whoever God gives a nod, takes it.”

Moghalu who promised to run a youth inclusive government, said his government will invest in the creativity of the Nigerian Youth by giving priority to the national policy of 2009 with particular emphasis in literacy and encouragement of youth participation in democratic processes at all levels.

He said his administration will if given the mandate by the electorate increase government funding on science, technology and innovation since his government will make technology and innovation a strategic national priority.

On restructuring, Moghalu said he would conduct a constitutional restructuring of Nigeria along geo political lines in an arrangement that ensures that the federating units own any natural resources found within them and with regional and state police to ensure more effective national security.

Chinwe Ugele

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