Chinwe Ugele, Umuahia.

The Prelate of the Methodist Church, his Eminence, Dr. Samuel chukwuemeka kalu-Uche has advised the electorate not to vote into power any governor or president who in his first tenure failed to take care of the citizens’ welfare.

Answering questions from journalists at the Wesley Cathedral church in Umuahia on Monday, the Prelate said “A government that does not care for the people is not worth having.” A government that cannot pay salaries, provide security for the people should not be re-elected at all levels.”

He said his one week stay in Abia state provided opportunity for him to interact with some members of his church who are resident in the state and went on the point out that his observation was that they were not happy with the way things are.

He said Nigerians generally are used to suffering and smiling, which was the case he saw in Abia in the midst of pain.

He also took a swipe on the state government for failing to construct roads in the hinterlands to ease movement of persons and farm produce from those agrarian communities. He made particular refence to the Itumbuzo road which is in total disrepair and wondered if the community is part of the state.

He did not also spare government on the state of the environment which he said is filthy with dirt all over the state. According to him “those in charge of the environment are not doing enough, they seem to be working against the interest of the government.”

On the 2019, general elections, His Eminence said the electoral body, (INEC) must be fair in its dealings with parties, the elections must be seen to be free and credible, not disenfranchising anyone. He maintained that the church would not want to witness a repeat of the Ekiti and Osun scenario, describing the polls as “charade.”

He stated clearly that his church as a body is not in support of any candidate or political party since they have their members in all the registered parties in the country.

He further advised Igbos in general and members of IPOB in particular to stop preaching election boycott. “Boycotting elections is like shooting oneself on the foot”, he said. The clergy man advocated for dialogue on any issue as the best way out but decried that in the current arrangements in Nigeria, those issues that gave rise to the war still persist.

The Prelate berated Nigerian politicians for intentionally impoverishing Nigerians in order to manipulate the people. He said it is deliberate to keep the youth at home this time under the guise of strike and then to use them as thugs during the elections.

In his words, “Nigerian politicians don’t mean well for the country and so should be removed through voting.” Continuing he said, “government sowed wind and the masses are reaping tsunami.”

Chinwe Ugele

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