In spite of almost being spiritually attacked by the director of Adoration ministries, Enugu, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka, during his annual bazzarr, the vice presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party in the 2019 general elections, Mr. Peter Obi has appealed to his supporters not to castigate the priest but pray for him.

Fr. Mbaka had openly told Mr. Obi on the alter that he and Atiku will not succeed in their bid to lead Nigeria if they failed to pronounce their donations to the ministry at the prayer ground.

The viral video which had the priest try to “sweet talk” Mr. Obi who came to represent Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, also showed the type of a person Peter Obi is. Not even all the comments of Fr. Mbaka could make him announce a donation as he already assured the priest that they will meet to decide on the project to execute for the ministry.
In your capacity and what God has done for you, listen to me and stop discussing, god hates stinginess, I am not saying it to please you, I am only saying what will save you otherwise you and Atiku will fail”.
If there is anywhere you will be patronized with sweet talks, it is not on Mbaka’s alter, Listen! If there’s anyone who can advice you well, you can save your political destiny or you will not know how the 2019 elections will be conducted, you will not even understand what happened…….The way you and Atiku are moving will end in shame.”

But just as this development got Nigerians and Catholics talking, Mr. Obi himself has reached out to all through his media aide, Val Obienyem, restraining them from attacking the priest.
Val Obienyem wrote;
On the Obi/Mbaka Matter

I have personally reached out to many people restraining them from attacking Fr. Ejike Mbaka because of the love for Peter Obi. If you truly respect him, please and please, do not attack Fr. Mbaka. In the first instance, His Excellency does not interpret the comments of Fr. Mbaka the way several observers do. While one may disagree with him, we should always acknowledge that he speaks and acts from the higher perspective of wisdom.

His Excellency believes that every situation, however unpleasant, has positive lessons for us. Only yesterday, His Excellency’s younger brother, Rev. Fr. Obi had come to his house in Onitsha to celebrate mass for him. It is his habit to celebrate mass in the mornings before leaving for other engagements because he usually attends many other masses/Church services based on invitation. On some occasions, he arrives late or leaves before the mass ends in order to attend to others that invited him — but always strengthened by the fact of having had a full mass.

Yesterday, Obi as usual, informed Fr. Mbaka that he would not stay for the bazaar since he had a meeting at Awka and a 3pm flight from Asaba to Lagos. The drama we do not want to start recalling made him miss the Awka meeting and Asaba flight and several events he had been billed to attend in Lagos, including end-of-year meeting of APU, Lagos Branch. Eventually, he made his trip on a 5.30pm flight from Akanu Ibiam [Enugu] Airport.

I witnessed all that transpired at Adoration Ground. Riding in the same car with His Excellency, he laughed over the encounter; remaining silent on what he thought about the incident. Noticing my displeasure, he told me calmly that whatever happened in our lives was part of the lessons of life and history that God used to teach us.

Many people are unaware that His Excellency’s younger brother is a Priest and his elder sister a Reverend Sister. He has full respect for two of them for devoting their lives to the service of God. “Val,” he had said to me, “likewise, I have full respect for other men of God and will always remember them in my prayers. When they go wrong as humans subject to human frailties, ours is not to castigate them, but to pray to God to lead them aright”.

When I raised the issue of his tremendous contributions to the Church, he insisted that those contributions are not made for him to be remembered in the kind of way I was trying to do, but as an appreciation of God’s love and benevolence to us. “Val”, he continued, “you know my views on this. donations to God, except when we have points to prove, they attract more rewards when done secretly”.

What else do I say? Please let us leave Fr. Mbaka alone, our duty to him is prayers for God to lead him aright,

he concluded.

Chinwe Ugele

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