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A middle aged man has assaulted a seventeen year old girl in Umuahia for failing to refund his money for a faulty MTN airtime he bought from the later’s mother.
The man who was known to be regular face at the shop located in Ohobo Afara, had gone to demand a refund with a claim that the recharge cards he bought over the weekend failed to load. He met a teenager who was absent when the purchase was made but insisted she must give him the money.  Ebubechukwu told him to wait for her mother to return as she was not aware of the transaction.
He would not have that as he lost his cool, held her by the throat and threw her on the floor which resulted to her hitting her head hard on the surface.
The man whose only identity to the girl and her family is “officer”claimed to be an officer of a yet to be identified force working in Uyo, Akwa Ibom state while his family is resident in Umuahia.
The “officer” in his account corroborated the girl’s statement but added that his anger was that the young girl asked him exercise patience.
He had to pull out handcuffs to intimidate her and also tried to forcefully lock up the shop.
Although the man did not get his money, he succeeded in destroying lots of goods and incentives worth thousands of naira in the shop and only sped off in his ash colour camry car with Registration number; Lagos KJA 94 BZ,  on hearing that the girl’s father had gone to report the case at the police station.
The father, Sam Oditah of the News Agency of Nigeria has since lodged complaints at the central police station and civil Defence Corps in Umuahia.

Chinwe Ugele

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