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A young mother of one, Mrs. Ijeoma Emmanuel narrowly escaped death with her one month old baby on Monday from the collapse of their house in Umuchime in Amuzukwu Ibeku, Umuahia North LGA, Abia state.
The building is said to have caved in after what seemed like a tremor occurred in the area.
From her account, Mrs. Emmanuel, a nursing mother narrated how she noticed some cracking in the wall and shaking of the ground in her room around 12pm on Monday. She said she immediately carried her baby out only to watch the building that she just came out of collapse into the deep slope.
She is thankful to God that it was their property that got lost while her life and that of her little baby were saved.
This has been the problem of this community for over two years now with zero attention from the government.
Several houses and property worth millions have been lost to this occurrence believed to be landslide of some sort, leaving residents homeless and devastated.
Although no life has been lost to this situation since it began, no effort whatsoever had been put up or shown to ameliorate the situation by either conducting a palliative measure there or relocating the residents.
The residents of Umuchime Amuzukwu are therefore crying out to Federal and State governments to come to their rescue urgently and save them from possible homelessness.
 As things stand currently, that community remains an endangered lot with the life threatening earth movements that happen from time to time.
Another resident of the area and Director of Information, Government House, Umuahia, Mr. Jinanwa Azubuike said that the land and buildings in the area are caving in and they live in great fear. He revealed that they had drawn the attention of the Federal government to their plight two years ago when it was first noticed before the latest incident.
He regrets that , the issue is beyond what an individual can handle and pleads with government to come to their aid.
Not even the self help deployed by the residents of this area, could salvage the already worsened situation as they continue to experience one disaster after another.
Fear has now become the watchword of all residents of Umuchime community who must look unto God from where their help will come or government which has the duty to protect their lives and property not only from criminals but from such unforseen natural disasters.
It is either something is done urgently to arrest the situation or there will be total erosion of this community in a matter of years.

Chinwe Ugele

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